Turbo's brother, Chet, is his complete opposite, at least as far as taking risks is concerned. Chet is now part of the racing team but he never loses his worrying and cautious spirit. He is the team's business manager and voice of reason but odds are he will be ignored 99% of the time.


Street smart and all-around baddest snail on the block, Whiplash cares more about the “art of racing” than being a winner. He's fearless and a good improviser. A strong believer in honor and loyalty, Whiplash is the team's mentor and voice of experience.


He's big. He's clumsy. He's gullible. White Shadow has a pure soul and an unwavering love for his teammates. He doesn't know the meaning of the word fear…or many other words. Although he's not too bright, he's strong, up for anything and always has his team's back (or shell).


Turbo, hero of the garden snails, can out-speed anyone on the straight away, but obstacles throw him a curve. Now the reigning Starlight City hero, Turbo is forced to take on a motley crew of challengers eager to take him down. Convinced that he and his team will always come out winners, he's up for any challenge. Although this often gets him in trouble, Turbo's heart is always in the right place.


Smoove Move always keeps his cool. A super laid-back dude, he's not as fast as some of his fellow snails but he has a much smoother ride. His special sound system shell allows him to be “one with the track” by playing tailored soundtracks to any situation he's in.


Reckless, spazzy and overly-caffeinated, Skidmark is also brilliant and inventive. He's the team tinkerer/inventor/mechanic and is always experimenting with new enhancements…if only they didn't have the tendency to blow up!


The team's girl power, Burn, is a feisty, hot-blooded adrenaline junkie. Her sarcastic wit and extremely short fuse give her the guts to take on the greatest challenges. She is passionate about everything...especially Chet.


The owner of Dos Bros Tacos and the man behind the snail, Tito is the Stunt Team's link to the world beyond Starlight City. While he can't actually communicate with Turbo and his crew, Tito's special bond with Turbo allows him to sense what Turbo needs.

Kim Ly is a little lady who packs a powerful punch - so don't even think about crossing her. She tells it like it is whether she's talking to man, woman or snail and you can always count on her to set the record straight - with her own two hands if she has to. Always selling something, Kim Ly has recently expanded her empire from nail salon owner to home shopping channel icon.